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Return of the Truth - Book


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Today Traditional Kung Fu (TKF) is threatened with extinction. Before the invention of electric TKF Hung Gar SiFus have already practicing Ergonomic Power. Hundreds of years ago, when our founding SiFus invented Ergonomics Power it was the breakthrough to perfection and maximizes power. A forgotten breakthrough even my people the Chinese have no clue today.

Return of the Truth Traditional Kung Fu Ergonomics Power Chinese Invented
(Ergonomic Power is the path to Kung Fu perfection)
This is the first book ever written on Ergonomic Power (EP). In Kung Fu. EP is the key to maximum power & perfection the breakthrough came when TKF Hung Gar Si Fus possess a full understanding of the Ergonomics of the human's body. Transforming five fingers into a fist became a work of Arts. P.9 Chapter 1.0 - 15% more power in 10 sec... P.19 An awkward crooked fist is accepted universally, but it is a colossal mistake... P.60 TKF Perfection ergonomically strong. P.63 The Tiger claw technique is done in a circular motion where a tiger strike is straight. P.95 These two strikes on the temple will significantly weaken the MMA takedown; any more will be overkill. P.99 Monkey Spinning Arm Lock (MSAL)... my MSAL first it starts with standing upright, apply with control from the start, in 1.3 sec Arm Lock with full control and spin around finish with an overkill in just 3 sec and most of all my vital points are protected. P.107 Sitting downward my weight is a tremendous leverage. A full control Arm Lock in just 1.3 sec. In a real fight, the arm is already broken at this point. P. 152 What is so unique about the Butterfly Knives is it can defense and attack at the same time... it is like attacking with 2 weapons in 1 move no Samurai has the knowledge to match that. P.171 Choy Lay Fut: (Powerful but open)... I call Choy Lay Fut the second bad boys of HK Kung Fu. ... Choy Lay Fut use Long Fist often like a regular straight punch...The wide swing Long Fist is most powerful but it takes time to reach the target with unintended vulnerable space for attacks... Hung Gar Bring the Horse Home is specially designed for Choy Lay Fut joint killer. P.192 Wing Chun has the worst awkward bent wrist and fists of all. It is almost like the more awkward the better! P.193 Wing Chun is the bad boys of Kung Fu; students are known to pick-a-fight... Rapid Fist is rapidly fast but the weakness is power. The way it can be so fast is because the arm & horse are only extended 1/2 way, so movements can be repeated fast... As Wing Chun Rapid Fist attacking, I would also use a rapid half wrist block and back up to the point of building enough space then to return a full power Long Fist uppercut. Remember Hung Gar has short and long fists but Wing Chun today is limited to only short fists. P.226 Truth TKF Hung Gar Si Fu applies ergonomics in Kung Fu for two reasons: protection and power; it is still the same idea for modern physical ergonomics: health and productivity. P.228 The notion that we Kung Fu has lost all knowledge of Ergonomics Power is evidence of KF rapid deterioration. Well, at least you are now Return of the Truth!
Si Fu Nelson Chin keeps Truth Traditional Kung Fu alive.
* Easy-to-understand 30fps still photos. 8.25" x 11", 348 photos, 228 pgs ISBN 978-0-9827605-0-5 Item #668 Paperback
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Also, you can download eBook Return of the Truth from Amazon Kindle store and read on your device - $9.99

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ISBN 978-0-9827605-0-5:

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  1. 5 stars based on only looking through it , not reading it. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Jul 2019

    It will be a while before I read the book, but based on what I saw looking through it, it seems well worth the purchase.

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